8 Low cost ideas for keeping indoor cats amused

These days many people choose to keep their cats indoors due to the dangers that are present in the big wide world. It might be busy roads, risk of theft, fear of losing them, whatever the reason, deciding to keep your beloved cats indoors is a big decision and you will need to ensure that they have plenty of enrichment activities to keep them busy.

Here’s a few ideas for you that shouldn’t break the bank:

  1. A cat tree – it’s very important that cats have somewhere to sharpen their claws and it saves your furniture too! Try eBay – it’s far cheaper than pet stores and it’s delivered to your door!
  2. Feather on a stick – cats have an instinct to chase which is why they love to play with these types of toys. They cost as little as £1 and can provide you and your cat hours of entertainment
  3. Scrunched up balls of paper – Rosie and Willow love to play footy with old envelopes that I have scrunched into a ball. The big bonus – they’re free!
  4. A large tube to run through and hide
  5. Cut up rings of toilet roll tube
  6. Hide cat treats in a kitchen roll tube or empty bottle with a small cut in the side to let a few escape and let them work out how to get to them
  7. A cardboard box – need I say more! I throw balls with bells in mine and they love it
  8. A pop up laundry bin – you can find these in the £1 shop, they provide a brilliant hidey place and it’s no worry if it gets shredded as it was only £1

Then if you feel you want them to be able to get some fresh air you could consider a run. These can be as little as a few hundred pounds. Not only do they provide a bit of outdoor space for your cats, but they also give you somewhere away from the house to keep their litter tray.

lastly if you work I would recommend a companion for your cat, someone to snuggle up with when you’re not there and play and chase with when you’re tired or busy.

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