Rosie's first cream burmese litter

Rosie's all cream litter

Born on 1st May 2016 this was Rosie's first all cream litter. She birthed them all within 2.5 hours and had 4 girls and 4 boys. All were 80 to 90 grams when born and put on approximately 10 grams per day steadily.

She fed them all with no problems at all. Needless to say that she was ravenous all of the time!

Here they are growing up...

Rosie's kittens
Cream Burmese kittens

And a bit more!

Polly with mum causing mischief!

She is now being shown by her owner and scooped a few firsts at her debut show!

Rosie and Polly
Arthur and Tommy

This is Tommy and Arthur in their new home - 9 months old.

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